Public Advocacy Program & Industry Engagement

With the increased usage and sharing of unlicensed spectrum and new use and business cases emerging rapidly, Public Policy matters such as spectrum, security and policy are becoming increasingly important.

One of the most important aspects, of course, is spectrum. Additional, desirable spectrum is vital to support ever-rising capacity and coverage demands; while congestion can create interference, poor user experience and churn or low uptake of new services.

Joint Task Force with GSMA

WBA have been collaborating with GSMA in Wi-Fi / Cellular related topics for the past years. Currently, with the deployment of 4G – LTE by MNOs across the world, the focus has been to study how to deliver an efficient interoperability / roaming / handover with Wi-Fi.

Joint Task Force with Small Cell Forum

The main objective of the Joint Task Force is to create whitepapers addressing the gaps and further challenges towards commercial deployments of Integrated Small Cells (Cellular + Wi-Fi)

Industry Engagement

WBA has an active program to engage relevant wireless broadband forums in supporting harmonized technical development within the industry. Learn more about WBA Industry Engagement, click here.