Carrier Wi-Fi Services

Security & Privacy over Wireless Networks

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Project information

With the convergence of heterogeneous networks to maximize service offering and flexibility to the users, the ecosystem players need to develop, interoperate and deploy proper security for various the network technologies, device types and services required by
the operators.

As the Wi-Fi roaming business grows more and more accounting traffic is generated and therefore, roaming fraud management mechanism arise as a priority.

Moreover, privacy aspects are becoming pivotal in several regions throughout the world, a common industry approach intends to remove barriers when using Wi-Fi networks.

Outcomes / Target Audience

This project aims to write a guidelines paper to facilitate the understanding and identify challenges that service providers and vendors need to address to bring security to various services, especially those offered over trusted and untrusted Wi-Fi networks.


Security mechanisms, L2/L3 security, 802.11i, Wi-Fi Protected Access

Business objectives

  • Contribute to ensure the security and privacy of WBA members networks and their customers
  • Give more confidence to service providers to invest in Wi-Fi


  • Joint collaboration between operators and vendors to discuss policy and methods to facilitate security policy, credential provisioning, remediation, and management
  • Promote collaboration between 3GPP, NGH, devices, and ISV ecosystem vendors /providers to promote strong and flexible authentication and transport security, as well as interoperability / test
  • Identify policy interoperation gaps and work toward improvement proposal through liaison
  • Identify guidelines and best practices on security policy and management