IPv6 for Carrier Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi Operator Guidelines

IPv6 is deemed a solution to multiple issues in a large scale Wi-Fi deployment. IPv6 use cases including infrastructure and user devices to be included in NGH and Passpoint future trials as well as Device Compatibility Program in WBA. An operator survey on IPv6 Usage in Wi-Fi Network has been conducted among WBA’s operator members. These guidelines explore the use cases and deployment considerations for IPv6 in carrier Wi-Fi network.

Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) – based Integrated Small Cell Wi-Fi (ISW) Networks White Paper

This whitepaper represents the first deliverable from the collaboration between the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) and Small Cell Forum (SCF) towards exploring the benefits, opportunities and challenges of the adoption of integrated networks based on Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) Wi-Fi and Small Cells technologies and standards. As a result, both organizations intend to put in place a common roadmap of joint activities to accelerate the industry adoption of this crucial technological evolution.

Carrier Wi-Fi Guidelines

Carrier Wi-Fi is seen by operators as an important step forward to improve the user experience of customers, in particular because Wi-Fi is increasingly being used to deliver new services, and also for its role in cellular offload.