Business Workgroup

The objectives of the Business Workgroup are to develop business models/guidelines and support programs to facilitate the delivery of an enhanced experience for the benefit of end users.

Industry Engagement Workgroup

The objectives of the Industry Engagement Workgroup are to drive industry engagements and support outreach activities on behalf of WBA members and also to promote WBA objectives and enablers created by WBA members.

Roaming Workgroup

The objectives of the Roaming Workgroup are to stimulate the global deployment of WBA roaming programs and support development and maintenance of technical enablers (specifications, guidelines, best practices, templates etc).

Market Work Group

The primary objective of the Market Work Group is to develop and align the various marketing activities (general marketing, events and thought-leadership) to serve the needs of WBA membership.

Activities to be included are:

  1. Provide guidance on general WBA marketing activities and programs
  2. Event planning & marketing (e.g. conference program development, networking activities, Industry Awards, WBA Accelerator, Innovation Showcase, Vision Forum etc.)
  3. Thought-leadership and market intelligence activities
  4. Support development of industry reports, quantitative/qualitative analysis, case studies, blogs, articles, position papers etc.)