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Cisco: Great teamwork brings NGH Live to MWC 18

In September 2017, Cisco, alongside the GSMA, WBA, Boingo Wireless, Accuris Networks, and BSG Wireless working together with key operators brought a record-setting Next Generation Hotstpot (NGH) deployment to the inaugural MWC Americas event. More than 60% of attendees’ Wi-Fi connections were automatically authenticated through NGH – in short, the deployment was very successful! […]

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Wi-Fi For Proximity Marketing – A Powerful Combination Of Precision And Scale

Owen Geddes VP Market Development, Devicescape "Giving any access point the ability to function as a beacon allows for in-venue engagement and measurement which is not dependent on the [...]

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On the cusp of the 4th industrial revolution, what role does Wi-Fi have to play?

With only 3 weeks until Mobile World Congress 2018 in the beautiful city of Barcelona, here at the WBA we are reflecting on the inflection point of the wireless world as we grow ever closer to 5G. In the 4th industrial revolution the story moves beyond connecting people and digital empowerment to the connecting billions of things and transforming societies. Whilst we know that the excitement of 3G and 4G launches were primarily about cellular networks, devices and OTT applications; with 5G the paradigm shifts with multiple access networks, interconnected technologies and more applications, devices, people and things wanting and needing to be connected, together! […]

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Bridging the gaps to enable true 5G convergence

This year’s WBA Annual Industry Report commissioned from Maravedis comes at a highly significant time for the wireless ecosystem with the vision of a unified wireless ecosystem around the concept of 5G. As user demands [...]

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Florin Baboescu: 5G Networks – The Role of Wi-Fi and Unlicensed Technologies

Florin Baboescu Scientist, Senior Principal Broadcom “The new 5G System (5GS) gives an opportunity for operators to extend their services.”    Florin Baboescu , Scientist, Senior Principal Broadcom [...]

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Mark Grayson: 5G Networks – The Role of Wi-Fi and Unlicensed Technologies

Mark Grayson Distinguished Engineer, CTO Team, Cisco “5G is following Wi-Fi in its evolution” Mark Grayson, Distinguished Engineer, CTO Team, Cisco Nowadays, It is obviously much of the [...]

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