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Mr. Mohan Gyani

Independant Consultant

Mr. Gyani is currently a member on the boards of Keynote Systems, Safeway, SiRF Technologies and several private and non-profit organizations, in addition to Roamware. His earlier industry assignments include President and CEO of AT&T Wireless Mobility Services and responsible for matters related to Strategy, Business Development and Operations of their business unit.

A widely-respected veteran of the industry, Gyani played key roles in the $1.6 billion initial public offering of AirTouch in 1993 and the $10.6 billion IPO of AT&T Wireless in 2000. Post the Vodafone, Air touch merger, Gyani was executive Director on the Board of Vodafone and its head of Strategy.

Before AT&T Wireless Mobility, as CFO at AirTouch, Gyani played a key role in the $120 Billion merger of AirTouch and Vodafone as head of Strategy and Corporate Development with the subsequent $70 Billion joint venture with Bell Atlantic that resulted in the creation of Verizon Wireless.

After a degree in A.A, Business from City College of San Francisco, Gyani completed his B.A in Business Administration and earned his MBA degree in Finance from the San Francisco State University.