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In-Flight Connectivity – Wi-Fi Deployment Guidelines Series

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Dr. Angelos Mavridis

Dr. Vladan Jevremovic

Mr. James Pan

Mr. Charlie Allgrove


Project information

Wi-Fi is everywhere, from café to bus stops, train stations to the airports, it is a service that people highly value on the go!

There are over 80 airlines offering in-flight Wi-Fi worldwide, and Wi-Fi will further spread its wings in the years to come.  The WBA’s In-Flight Connectivity project is the first vertical focus in the Wi-Fi Deployment Guidelines series. The main objective of this project is to provide members with a clear view of the entire in-flight business scope, from understanding the business models and how to monetize connectivity, to the stakeholders and audiences involved, to the very best architecture guidelines needed to provide leading-edge. top quality in-flight services to customers.

The project will provide a guidelines document that compiles the thoughts of some of the most influential companies in the business. It will serve as an industry guideline, setting a benchmark for the value proposition of in-flight connectivity and how it can be further explored.

After the guidelines are released, the team will proceed with addressing identified gaps through the defining of specifications and real-life test cases and trials.

Outcomes / Target Audience

In-Flight Connectivity is a project destined to multiple stakeholders directly impacted and interested in exploring the exponential increase in the demand for onboard connectivity and services, mostly provided over Wi-Fi. Here’s the list of the stakeholders:

  • Airline Transportation & Manufacturers
  • Satellites and Air-to-ground Operators
  • Network Operators
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • In-Flight connectivity hardware/software providers
  • Service Providers and Touristic Industry
  • IoT Players exploring in-flight data analytics


In-Flight, Tower, Satellite, Airline, Connectivity, In-Flight Internet, In-Flight Broadband

Business objectives

  • Show case of monetization models to maximize revenue and differentiating services of the investment /ROI in the In-Flight connectivity business
  • Definition of standard architecture and deployment guidelines for interoperable, scalable and high-quality services and connectivity with air to ground Wi-Fi on flights.


  • Background, ecosystem and use cases definition
  • Monetization models and solving barriers to adoption
  • Service guidelines, offer and roaming opportunities
  • Leveraging seamless roaming (Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) / Passpoint)
  • User experience best practices
  • Deployment and architecture options
  • Interoperability and scalability strategies