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Carrier Wireless Services Certification

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Project information

WBA has launched Carrier Wireless Services Certification (CWSC) is a testing program for members (and sponsor partners) providing unprecedented capabilities to test the end-to-end Carrier wireless ecosystem to guarantee that the service operation and user experience is consistent.

The program allows carriers and vendors to independently test and certify devices. The program utilizes WBA Authorised Test Labs, working with Members and their partners to simulate end customer usability in a real network environment to ensure that devices are ready for worldwide commercial deployments, reducing customer support time for carriers and time to market for vendors.

Outcomes / Target Audience

Initial focus on Carrier Wi-Fi Roaming and Offload carrier services.

Evolving to Provisioning, Quality of Service, 5G Interoperability – Unlicensed integration.

For Carriers, the CWSC program offers the ability to test and validate their wireless services instead of performing in- testing.

For Technology Providers, the program offers them a platform to validate carrier requirements from a range of different service providers, to reduce time to market and expedite sales efforts as well as save valuable testing resources.

Tests are run based on the same principles of the Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) Trials but they are now run on independent fashion by recognized testing labs in equal scenario as performed on the different phases of the NGH Trials.


NGH, Live Testing, Wi-Fi Roaming, Passpoint, HS2.0 R1&R2, RADIUS, Online Sign-up, Operator/user policy, Quality of Service, Policy, Wi-Fi Calling

Business objectives

  • For Carriers – test and validate wireless services saving extensive in-house testing.

  • For Vendors – validate carriers requirements in order to facilitate sales and save testing resources.


  • Specific framework for the Wi-Fi industry to perform end-to-end testing of operators’ requirements
  • Sustainable model to support end to end NGH compliancy testing on an on-going basis
  • Improving the end user experience of Wi-Fi in the growing marketplace with seamless connectivity, mobility and bandwidth demands
  • Testing key innovative services currently on the Wi-Fi industry (roaming, offload, quality of service, Wi-Fi Calling, policy interworking)