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Connected City Blueprint

Written and compiled with the guidance of the Connected City Advisory Board (CCAB), the Connected City Blueprint serves as the first in an ongoing series of documents that will aim to aggregate and present the views, case studies, and opinions of city officials, local authorities, and more.

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Wi-Fi Roaming Standard (WBA WRIX)

WBA WRIX (Wireless Roaming Intermediary eXchange) offers a modularized set of standard service specifications to facilitate commercial roaming between operators. It includes WRIX-i (Interconnect), WRIX-l (Location) WRIX-d (Data Clearing) and WRIX-f (Financial Settlement). Each of these can be deployed by Visited Network Providers (VNPs) and Home Service Providers (HSPs) either in-house or through an intermediary WRIX service provider. The WBA WRIX was the winner of Wireless Broadband Innovation 2007 award in the Best Wi-Fi Product / Service segment. The latest release of WRIX includes support for EAP authentication providing the transport and indicating which radius attributes to use. This specification recommends Network operators support the following EAP methods: EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA, EAP-TLS, and EAP-TTLS. Other EAP methods may be supported transparently by the VNP but are not part of this specification.
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Wi-Fi Roaming Business Case

WBA suggests that up to 70% of international travellers now rely on Wi-Fi networks to stay connected while abroad. Our latest white paper Wi-Fi Roaming examines how to leverage this opportunity to create new services and products that can result in additional roaming revenues, while delivering an outstanding user experience. Packed with facts, stats and business cases, the white paper covers: • Roaming set-up best practices for service providers • Benefits from providing roaming services • Suitable strategies to adopt • Wi-Fi roaming business models • Next Gen Wi-Fi ready network insights from the industry and global Operator
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Wi-Fi Roaming Guidelines (2012)

This document examines the commercial and technical aspects of how to make Wi-Fi roaming – the automatic provisioning of connectivity to end-users across different service providers’ Wi-Fi networks – available to personal devices.