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Footage from Wi-Fi Global Congress, SFO, Oct 2014

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Event Overview WiFi Global Congress 2013

[MAE 2013]14 KT – WiFi Roaming/Hotspot

10 years of growth and innovation

J.R. Wilson, Wireless Broadband Alliance Chairman and AT&T Vice President International, Alliances & Integration answers the following:

Why did you want to chair the Wireless Broadband Alliance?
What barriers should be broken down to make the WBA more successful?
Tell us why a company should join the WBA
What is your vision for the evolution of Wi-Fi?
What is your view of the ongoing viability of Wi-Fi?

Wireless Broadband Alliance CEO Shrikant Shenwai speaks to RCR Wireless about WBA Wi-Fi initiatives including Next Generation Hotspot & Global Roaming at MWC 2013

Co-Chair of the WBA Chris Bruce (BT) talks standards, Wi-Fi offload and Wi-Fi & LTE coming together with Global Telecoms Business TV at MWC 2013

Ton Brand of the WBA talks to bNetTV at MWC 2013 about the benefits of being a member of the WBA, the work it is doing to improve the Wi-Fi experience for the end user, its ICP and the imminent proliferation of Next generation Hotspots

Shrikant Shenwai, WBA CEO and Chris Bruce, WBA Chair answer the following:

What is the WBA and what do we do?
Who does the WBA represent?
What does the future hold for the WBA?

Wireless Broadband Alliance – Shrikant Shenwai

bnetTV speaks with Shrikant Shenwai from the Wireless Broadband Alliance during the 2012 MWC event in Barcelona