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Footage from Wi-Fi Global Congress, SFO, Oct 2014

WGC SFO playlist

Carrier World Summit: A Dedicated Wi-Fi Event

CWS: A Dedicated Wi-Fi Event

Event Overview WiFi Global Congress 2013

Event Overview Wi-Fi Global Congress 2013

[MAE 2013]14 KT – WiFi Roaming/Hotspot


10 years of growth and innovation


J.R. Wilson, Wireless Broadband Alliance Chairman and AT&T Vice President International, Alliances & Integration answers the following:

Why did you want to chair the Wireless Broadband Alliance?
What barriers should be broken down to make the WBA more successful?
Tell us why a company should join the WBA
What is your vision for the evolution of Wi-Fi?
What is your view of the ongoing viability of Wi-Fi?

Wireless Broadband Alliance CEO Shrikant Shenwai speaks to RCR Wireless about WBA Wi-Fi initiatives including Next Generation Hotspot & Global Roaming at MWC 2013


Co-Chair of the WBA Chris Bruce (BT) talks standards, Wi-Fi offload and Wi-Fi & LTE coming together with Global Telecoms Business TV at MWC 2013

Global Telecoms Business TV at MWC

Ton Brand of the WBA talks to bNetTV at MWC 2013 about the benefits of being a member of the WBA, the work it is doing to improve the Wi-Fi experience for the end user, its ICP and the imminent proliferation of Next generation Hotspots

Wireless Broadband Alliance Ton Brand

Shrikant Shenwai, WBA CEO and Chris Bruce, WBA Chair answer the following:

What is the WBA and what do we do?
Who does the WBA represent?
What does the future hold for the WBA?
Shrikant Shenwai WBA CEO and Chris Bruce WBA Chair

Wireless Broadband Alliance – Shrikant Shenwai

bnetTV speaks with Shrikant Shenwai from the Wireless Broadband Alliance during the 2012 MWC event in Barcelona
bnetTV speaks with Shrikant Shenwai