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The Wireless Global Congress is coming to the City that Never Sleeps!

The Wireless Broadband Alliance hosts the Wireless Global Congress twice a year and is a highlight for operators, network management providers, city planners, device manufacturers, and other companies in the wireless ecosystem. Our most recent [...]

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Digital Inclusion – Key to Prosperous & Smart Cities

At the dawn of the 5G and the Internet of Everything era, one would easily assume that most people are already well connected with broadband access, especially in urban areas. If things and clothes are becoming connected, then the large majority of humans must naturally be so already? […]

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World WiFi Day – 20th June – How are you getting involved?

Get Involved! Whether you are amongst the billions of users who simply love Wi-Fi or your organisation is a stakeholder in the global Wi-Fi ecosystem, World Wi-Fi Day on 20th June is for you! […]

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EU Reaches Agreement on Groundbreaking Initiative to address the Digital Divide

Last week, the European Parliament, Council and Commission came to an agreement that will support the installation of free Wi-Fi hotspots in towns and local communities across the EU. […]

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Unlocking Interoperability for successful IoT Deployments

IDC predicts that the worldwide installed base of Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints will grow from 14.9 billion at the end of 2016 to more than 82 billion in 2025. At this rate, the Internet of Things may soon be as indispensable as the Internet itself. Cisco has also put the value of the global IoT market at $14.4 trillion for 2022. However, the debate is still open as to how such a market value will be shared by providers of devices, apps, services, and connectivity. […]

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Wi-Fi Roaming – from ‘old school’ to ‘new opportunities’

In a data-driven world, mobile workers need high-speed, high-quality Internet connectivity for a host of business tasks, including downloading presentations, sharing large files, and accessing cloud-based applications and Unified Communications tools. And when it comes [...]

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