Membership Options

General Member (Operator and Vendor)

  • For network operators or technology companies interested in full participation in WBA Working Sessions and full voting rights
  • One-time joining fee (USD 14K)
  • Annual Membership Fee (USD 16K)

Observer Member

  • Open to operators and vendors with an annual revenue below USD 50 million. Companies with an annual revenue of more than USD 50 million can become an observer member for max. duration of ONE year
  • Restricted participation in WBA projects and no voting rights
  • Annual Membership Fee (USD 6K)
  • LIMITED OFFER: One-time joining fees (value USD 9K) will be waived for Observer Members that join before 31 December-2015!

Group Member

  • Open to affiliate companies of existing WBA Board or General Members
  • Participation in WBA projects allowed but no voting rights
  • One-time joining fee (USD 5K)
  • Annual Membership Fee (USD 3K)

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