Thank you for your interest in joining WBA. Please complete and submit the application form below with a signed copy of the Deed of Adherence. Once your information has been received, WBA will contact you within two business days.

How to Apply

Application Process

  • Step 1: Review the following WBA Governance documents. Please contact the WBA Secretariat if you have questions.
    1. WBA Rules v5.7
    2. IPR Policy Acknowledgement
  • Step 2: If you are agreeable to the terms and provisions of the WBA Governance documents, please sign the following documents (with company stamp).
    1. Deed of Adherence
    2. IPR Policy Acknowledgement
    3. * Operators or vendors Application Form
  • (*As applicable) Step 3: Email the completed documents a, b, c to the WBA Secretariat – All applications are reviewed within seven working days. Once the membership is approved, an invoice for applicable membership fees will be sent, together with the membership approval notification.
  • Login credentials to access the WBA extranet will be given upon receipt of the membership fees.

Application form

For operators
For vendors

Governance Documents and Policies (WBA Articles, Rules, IPR policy, Antitrust Policy, Co-Marketing and Branding Framework etc): these are available for download on registration

  • The WBA Memorandum & Articles of Association and WBA Rules are the main governance documents that provide information on membership terms, obligations, rights and other relevant details.
  • The WBA Antitrust Compliance Policy and Guidelines affirm and record the commitment by members of the WBA and their representatives to follow the policy and guidelines as part of the ongoing obligations to the WBA. These Guidelines apply to activities within WBA and to any joint activities, under the aegis of WBA, with any other entity, association, or other third party organization(s).
  • The WBA Intellectual Property Rights Policy provides an operating framework for dealing with all intellectual property rights and related matter in relation to the work being done through WBA and its working committees.
  • The WBA Co-Marketing & Branding Framework provides members with guidelines for the correct use of the WBA brand in all marketing activities involving WBA and a clear and consistent framework for WBA and its member companies to engage in co-marketing or co-branding activities involving the use of WBA’s corporate identity.
  • The WBA Technical Project Procedures provide operating procedures for identifying, commissioning and executing all WBA Technical Activities, including projects and initiatives conducted under the various WBA workgroups. It includes details of project management methodology and rules for leading and participating in WBA work streams.