Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) Program

The aim of the WBA’s Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) program is to deliver a public Wi-Fi experience that is as seamless and secure as that experienced on cellular networks.

And that’s why we’re designing and specifying hotspots that are easier for users to find and access – easier to find and access because devices can connect securely and automatically with no need to manually enter user names or passwords.

But we’re also designing and specifying these hotspots to be much, much more secure. The new hotspots feature high levels of security including end-to-end radio link encryption and SIM/TTLS authentication.

The result? A hotspot network that takes the heat off mobile broadband at busy times, through accessible, secure and above all reliable offload. Another step towards interoperability across networks, technologies and devices. The current WBA initiatives under the NGH program include NGH Operator Guidelines, NGH Whitepapers (Business Drivers whitepaper, Security whitepaper and Maintaining the Profitability of Mobile Data Services) and engagement with key industry organizations (e.g, the GSMA, CableLabs and the Wi-Fi Alliance).

The NGH Trial is being driven by a strong participation of WBA membership. The work is being developed in different phases with the main objective of providing a “real world” end-to-end test:

  • Phase 1 (Completed): Secure and seamless authentication with automatic and network discovery and selection
  • Phase 2 (Completed): Complete end-to-end testing using Passpoint release 1 equipment (more than 20 test cases performed by each operator)
  • Phase 3 (In Progress): Operator policy for Wi-Fi networks and automatic online signup as featured in Passpoint release 2. Also, explore new location based services and advanced policy management

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