Global Wi-Fi Roaming

With Global Wi-Fi Roaming through the WBA you can gain access to

  1. A global Wi-Fi footprint of more than 1 million hotspots
  2. More than a billion subscribers worldwide
  3. Experts in roaming, offload and interworking
  4. Operator standards, guidelines, best practices and templates
  5. A global ecosystem of major operators and vendors
  6. A global forum and partnership opportunity
  7. A role in technical developments that will influence the direction of wireless.

WBA’s global Wi-Fi roaming work supports:

…operators with Wi-Fi Networks

Make Wi-Fi roaming work for you with our technical enablers, templates and common user experience guidelines. Bring hotspots to more end users, and connect end users to more hotspots as easily as possible.

…operators without Wi-Fi Networks

Are you a mobile or broadband technology operator without a Wi-Fi offering? Whether your focus is fixed or wireless technology, you can work with the WBA and its members to offer Wi-Fi roaming and mobile data offload to your customers. We have developed a roaming framework that allows interoperability between platforms to help you to manage the mobile data explosion.

…roaming enablers and supporters

Join the roaming hub vendors, clearinghouse providers, technology vendors and others who have taken part in our open industry trials and benefited from key technical enablers developed by WBA. Or hear about the latest Wi-Fi innovations, network with us and our members and discuss future Wi-Fi developments at regular members’ meetings and the twice-yearly WBA Wi-Fi Global Congress.

…end users

The WBA is helping to enhance global coverage and inbound/ outbound roaming opportunities for end users. Common user experience guidelines will make it easier for end users to locate, identify and connect to Next Generation Hotspots while roaming.

WBA Roaming Guidelines

Please consult the WBA Roaming Guidelines whitepaper for further information.

The WBA Member Roaming Pack is a one-stop shop for all WBA approved specifications and documents for Wi-Fi Roaming. The pack provides a complete list of what WBA has to offer from all relevant perspectives, including marketing, commercial, legal, technical, other cross functions and back-end support. To receive the WBA Member Roaming Pack please contact the WBA.