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Collaboration Tools & Extranet

Exclusively for WBA Members, WBA Extranet is your place to connect with a global community of 500+ industry experts. Collaborate, network, search and share information, intelligence and the resources that you need to influence and grow your business within the Wi-Fi ecosystem

WBA Wiki for networking and information sharing WBA_Tick WBA_Cross WBA_Tick
Ongoing Projects Documentation WBA_Tick WBA_Cross WBA_Tick
Extranet for repository, Meetings, Calender and information sharing WBA_Tick WBA_Tick WBA_Tick
Contact DB and Projects Mailing List WBA_Tick WBA_Tick WBA_Tick

Participation and Networking / Programs and Projects

WBA Facilitated programmes, projects and working groups enable Members to work together in a structured and efficient way towards a common goal. WBA Members are encouraged to participate in a range of forums

Participation on WBA working groups and all the projects WBA_Tick WBA_Cross WBA_Tick
Face to Face meetings and Project calls WBA_Tick WBA_Cross WBA_Tick
Operators Network Certification Program by Interoperability Compliance Program (ICP) WBA_Tick WBA_Cross WBA_Tick
Participation on industry showcases, trials and tests WBA_Tick WBA_Cross WBA_Tick
Wi-Fi roaming Identifier WBA_Tick WBA_Tick WBA_Tick

Marketing & Market Intelligence

WBA Membership gives you the platform to enhance the profile of your business and promote your brand on the world stage

Publication of your organization’s press releases & white papers WBA_Tick WBA_Tick WBA_Tick
Use of the WBA Member logo WBA_Tick WBA_Tick WBA_Tick
E-Newsletters WBA_Tick WBA_Tick WBA_Tick
Webinars WBA_Tick WBA_Tick WBA_Tick
WBA Industry Report WBA_Tick WBA_Tick WBA_Tick

Events Opportunities

The world’s leading wireless industry events for the ecosystem, Wireless Global Congress, attract over 1,700 people from across the globe annually

Delegate Passes for each Wireless Global Congress




Discount on delegate passes, sponsorship, exhibition space WBA_Tick WBA_Tick WBA_Tick
Next-Gen Wi-Fi Showcase participation WBA_Tick WBA_Tick WBA_Tick
Access to Vision Forum, Accelerator Session and Networking activities WBA_Tick WBA_Tick WBA_Tick
Access to Industry Awards WBA_Tick WBA_Tick WBA_Tick
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