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Program Manager

This role is responsible for planning, facilitating and manage the various programs across the various workgroups and projects of Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA). The position reports to the PMO (Project Management Office) Senior Director and requires extensive working with various workgroup chairs and project leaders within WBA.

A) Roles & Responsibilities

The function is part of the WBA PMO team and covers 3 broad work-areas.

1. Program Management Responsibilities

1.1 – Establish and maintain project/document management frameworks, processes and templates.

1.2 – Support the WBA PMO team and workgroup leads in commissioning, tracking & reporting across projects and initiatives.

• Coordinate/drive WBA projects and work streams together with PMO team and Workgroup Chairs.
• Facilitate project lifecycle management, from concept to implementation to maintenance.
• Provide necessary assistance/clarifications to the PMO team and project leads in terms of project/document management frameworks, processes and templates.
• Assist WBA PMO team and project leaders with gathering/analyzing feedback and completing necessary approval/ratification process for projects/initiatives.
• Support the PMO team on the regular PMO Meetings with the Workgroup Chairs to review progress and status of all projects/initiatives.

2. Technical Support Responsibilities

2.1 – Review, plan and facilitate the technical needs of current programs and future roadmap requirements of WBA (including identifying/implementing ongoing enhancements).
2.2 – For new WBA initiatives/activities, provide support to the WBA PMO team, Workgroup Chairs and/or project leaders (who are subject matter experts in the given work-areas) in the following respect:

• Conducting feasibility study, evaluation, gathering and analyzing requirements,
• Drafting and documenting recommendations, specifications, procedures or guidelines,
• Releasing approved recommendations, specifications, procedures or guidelines.

2.3 – For existing/ongoing projects, provide technical support to the various project leaders and document owners (on need basis) during the project/document lifecycle.

3. Custodian of the WBA Assets, including (but not limited to)

3.1 – Manage and maintain various technical and project related documentation produced by the workgroups of WBA (including specifications/documentations)

3.2 – Support the WBA project management procedures, processes, templates and other WBA frameworks and policy documentations

3.3 Manage participants’ register for various WBA projects as per WBA Rules/IPR policy
3.4 Managing projects documentation and access rights on the WBA Extranet for various projects
3.5 Setup/manage centralized databases to ease access and avoid non-redundant data of:

• Project Database and WBA Official Documents
• Contact Lists & others PMO related information

B) Additional Information

• The role is part of the WBA Operations Team – which is spread across multiple geographies. The WBA project participants include representatives of WBA members from around the world.
• The role reports to WBA Senior Director based in Portugal.
• The work-location is flexible but priority will be given to North America and Europe applications.
• Job requires international travel to attend the two WBA Meetings (and potentially additional face-to-face working sessions), hosted by WBA in different regions during the year.
• Most of the project work is done electronically (over conference calls, emails etc.) and need ability to attend meetings that are held across time zone (to accommodate global membership).

C) Background Requirements

More than 5 years of technical/business project management experience in the telecommunications industry with exposure to wireless network technologies (Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, IoT, etc.), in addition to:

• General understanding of the wireless network and their inter-working and past experience in engaging wireless and broadband operators
• The job requires strong written and verbal communication skills in English and good interpersonal skills.
• The candidate is expected to have an ability to work independently and with minimum day-to-day supervision.
• Exposure to any of the wireless industry forums, such as GSMA, ETSI, 3GPP, Wi-Fi Alliance, IEEE, etc. as a participant will be an advantage (though not necessary).

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