What are the types of WBA Memberships?

WBA Membership structure facilitates operators and industry players to participate to their desired level of participation. Membership is offered as per the bylaws of WBA. Each category has its associated benefits and privileges.

  • Board Member
  • General Member (For Operator and Non-Operator)
  • Group Member
  • Observer Member

What is the membership criterion?

Board Member

Principal Members are General Members of the Company who are classified as Board Members and are able to participate in the Board of WBA after getting duly elected based on the provisions of the Articles & Rules of the alliance (WBA).

General Member (For Operator and Non-Operator)

General Member (Operator): Must be a telecom operator able to bring additional wireless broadband coverage or users to WBA Members and have an ability to enter into or facilitate bilateral contracts and must be able to support WBA user experience requirements for roaming implementation
General Member (Non- Operator): Must be an industry player with interest in the growth of wireless broadband business and must be willing to support WBA’s objectives.

Group Member

Must be the affiliate company of an existing Board Member or General Member of WBA who meets all the requirements for being a General Members and have an ability to enter into or facilitate bilateral contracts and must be able to support WBA user experience requirements for roaming implementation

Observer Member

Must be an industry player with interest in the activities of the Alliance and must be willing to support WBA’s objectives

What are the rights, obligation and fees for the different types of memberships offered by WBA?

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What is the process for joining WBA as a member?

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What are the requirements and process for joining the Board of WBA?

To join the Board of WBA, the member company must first get elected as Principal Member based on the provisions and processes specified in the Rule of WBA. For details, please check link.

What benefits can I get from WBA as an operator?

Operators with Wi-Fi Networks

Operators who own public Wi-Fi networks whether as a standalone business or as a key complement to their wireless and/or broadband networks harness the advantage of WBA as an ideal forum to enhance their global coverage and inbound/ outbound roaming opportunities for their users. Besides extending technical enablers and providing templates for the operators, WBA has developed common user experience guidelines to make it easier for the end-users to locate, identify and connect to hotspots while roaming. WBA also operates a global Hotspot Directory service for its members to help end-users locate all the WBA member hotspots around the world swiftly and with convenience. The operators can also leverage the 1-on-1 meetings facilitated by WBA during every roundtable conference to meet, discuss and finalize roaming agreements with other partners from around the world.

Operators without Wi-Fi Networks

The mobile and/or broadband operators (3G/ UMTS, CDMA, WiMAX, Cable, xDSL etc) who may not own any hotspots can also leverage the enablers created by WBA and the global Wi-Fi footprint of its members to offer Wi-Fi roaming and mobile data offload to their users. This can help mobile operators address the challenges and opportunities created by an explosive growth in mobile data usage and increasing availability of the dual-mode 3G/Wi-Fi devices such as Smartphones, laptops, tablets, game consoles, cameras etc. Similarly, it can also help WiMAX and fixed broadband (Cable/xDSL) operators to offer seamless Wi-Fi roaming to their subscribers. The key enablers created by WBA to facilitate intra-technology roaming and data offload include WISPr 2.0 and WRIX v1.04.

What benefits can I get from WBA as an Ecosystem Partner/ Vendor?

Other Ecosystem Partners

The non-operator ecosystem partners – technology vendors, roaming hub vendors /clearinghouse providers, and other ecosystem partners interested in enabling seamless roaming Wi-Fi experience, data offload etc can benefit by participating in WBA. As a member of WBA, you will have a chance to engage and network with most of the leading Wi-Fi operators from around the world who are all members of the WBA. The members of WBA also have an opportunity to influence and contribute to the development of technical enablers and participate in industry trials conducted by WBA from time to time. Some of the key technical enablers created by WBA in the past including WRIX and WISPr 2.0 specifications and it continues to develop new enablers to enhance Wi-Fi experience and inter-standard roaming (3G/Wi-Fi, WiMAX-Wi-Fi etc) for the benefit of the wider industry.

What are the projects under the various programs (Advocacy, User Experience and Roaming Enablers) in WBA?

Some of the projects under the 3 priority programs are Annual Industry Report, EAP over WISPr 2.0 trials, User Experience for Laptops and Smartphones, New Charging Models, Hotspot Monetization, Interoperability and Compliancy Checklist, Wi-Fi Network Quality and Management etc.

What are the technical documents currently published or available from WBA?

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