Our Work

The WBA: bringing better Wi-Fi to everybody – everywhere

These are exciting times for Wi-Fi operators, Wi-Fi equipment vendors and above all Wi-Fi users. The potential of Wi-Fi worldwide is vast and growing. The WBA and its members are committed to helping Wi-Fi fulfill that potential.

About WBA

The WBA is achieving this through the development of specifications, guidelines, resources and collaborative work that will help make the Wi-Fi experience easier, more secure and available to more people. This means a focus on three key areas.

Wi-Fi for today

We work with our members and associates to create specifications and guidelines to make Wi-Fi interworking and roaming more efficient and reliable for operators and service providers. We encourage and support Wi-Fi interoperability with all major wireless technologies. We commission and publish industry reports. And our members come together regularly for working sessions and for the WBA Wi-Fi Global Congress event — a valuable networking and information exchange opportunity. Many other events are endorsed by the WBA, while our executives, experts and members often speak and contribute to key industry events.

Wi-Fi for tomorrow

Interoperability with today’s technologies is not enough. As LTE rollout continues, interoperability efforts are also moving beyond 3G and towards the cellular technologies of the future. At the same time our own Next Generation Hotspot Initiative is promising new levels of access, security and robustness to Wi-Fi operators and users. And the ideas that will eventually become the initiatives of the future are regularly published through WBA whitepapers, research specifications and updates.

Wi-Fi for all

Roaming, outreach and collaboration across technologies are key parts of our work. Our Roaming Workgroup and Global Wi-Fi Roaming Initiative encourage and aid the development of roaming specifications and guidelines, embracing Wi-Fi and non Wi-Fi players and partners. Our Industry Engagement Workgroup leads engagements with relevant industry forums and takes the Wi-Fi message to the wider world. And our Business Workgroup ensures that Wi-Fi business models and requirements are addressed across network technologies, devices and operators.

All of these activities, along with the day-to-day operation of the WBA, are part of a dynamic and growing group of activities the WBA is continually enhancing to promote and encourage the spread and development of Wi-Fi throughout the world.