Wireless Broadband Alliance at a glance…

Through the work of Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) and its members, our industry is continuing to make huge strides. Carrier Wi-Fi and other unlicensed wireless technologies are enabling the wireless ecosystem to develop new services for consumers and enterprises and to evolve new monetisation strategies and business models.

Unlicensed wireless technology has experienced a phenomenal growth in recent years. The huge growth is being supported by developments in Carrier and Public Wi-Fi, Connected and Smart Cities, Internet of Things, 5G and the convergence of licensed and unlicensed technologies, and the  ongoing innovation in wireless technologies. The vision of the WBA is to champion and drive developments in this ever-converging wireless eco-system.

WBA has launched the Connected City Advisory Board (CCAB) in last year, and we aim to drive engagement and developments of Public Wi-Fi with Connected and Smart Cities, Regions etc. through best practices, creation of public-private ecosystems and collaboration mechanisms for resource contribution.

We are also proud to have launched World Wi-Fi Day for the first time this year, where we celebrate the importance of Wi-Fi in “Connecting the Unconnected”.

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